The ultimate goal - What’s my purpose ? Some unanswered questions.

It was quite confusing for me and I was struggling with this question for like forever.
Should i follow my heart and i’ll get all i want from life or do i have to aim for a particular aim that i ‘think’ i want 10-20 years from now. Actually i don’t know how the world will look like in the years to come.

Then why take an engineering or a MBA degree , if nobody actually knows they can enjoy doing this job the rest of their lives. I gave 4 years to this and the only takeaway i have is i utilized these years to find what i want from life. So maybe there should be an organization after school that helps students find their passion by helping them try everything they think they can love. Just a thought . I’ll make it a reality if nobody else did. (Goes on my todo list).

The human race gets happiness in having freedom to do what they want to do with their full heart. The inner satisfaction that i get by doing what ‘my’ heart actually craves to do is priceless. Actually my heart knows what it actually wants. It knows what its purpose is and getting full freedom to what a human wants in his life is the only thing that can bring happiness to this being . Barriers like money, emotional attachment, fear etc. should be removed to give more freedom. (Goes on my todo list)

Everyone says that only ‘I can help myself’. But what does it actually means?.
The only feasible solution i found for this on my journey is that every single person should at least take 10 minutes of his life each day to find himself. To answer what his heart yearns, some unanswered questions and to find what he actually wants and what we actually want is something that remains unanswered at the end of each day. Because Each day we are bombarded with a series of questions and maybe there is a question in each solution.

Life is actually a big question and we have to live each day by solving the questions that comes our way each single day. Inner satisfaction can come when we actually find and apply every solution that we think should be a part of our lives.

Hmm… so Life is a just a series of question then and any individual who thinks that he knows what he can actually do the rest of his life to be happy should contact me at info[at]ayushnarula[dot]com. I can definitely learn something from you.

Ahh the picture above is of a person, louis who left his job just to travel the world . For me its solving different questions each day . Pure bliss eh?

Life is so simple. Everything can be broken down into smaller problems .
Maybe inner satisfaction is about solving questions and we should rather face challenges with a smile by living our own lives instead of for others . As most of the people i saw struggling with happiness were the ones who feared challenges(questions to be answered ) and in turn were stuck somewhere solving predefined challenges set by other people who actually themselves cannot predict what they are heading towards.

Nothing on this planet can give you the security that you want because of the fear you hold and avoiding risks that cannot be avoided and they just grow when you avoid them.

Accept life is a series of questions to be answered and challenges to be faced and there is no way out but to face them and solve every damn thing which you think is a problem right now.

Nothing stays.
Not even your problems.
Every problem has its solution in itself.
God just tests whether you are enough endearing that you can face something by believing in him .
Everybody wants to be loved and craves attention, maybe God also. (Just a thought)

Life is just beautiful. Its just waiting for you to accept it as it is and one day Everybody else will accept you too and give you the love you deserve.




Ayush Narula.
In search of finding inner happiness and attaining World peace.


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