There are no Flaws, only differences

Everyone in this world is perfect.
Every girl is beautiful.
Every man is handsome.

There are only differences, and no flaws

You have to have confidence in what you are and what you do and the world just accepts you and loves you.

You have to follow your dreams (Hack : Nourish your inner child each day )

Everybody on this planet is put for a reason .

You are here for a reason
Proof : Check the nature’s cycle, Every drop of water is for a reason , as everything is in balance , Everything is in cycle. There is enough water for everybody. If man hadn’t created money and differences (but it was meant to be) , everybody ( including animals, don’t forget ) on this planet would had enough water, enough energy , good food.

Everything is in balance and we are all moving towards a high energy state and chaos . Why ?
Because of Second law of Thermodynamics
. and that is ?
Everything in this world is moving towards maximum entropy state(Chaos) . and that explains every damn thing in this world that is happening around us.

-> Stable to unstable relationships .
-> Physical to virtual worlds
-> Doing alone to doing collaboratively
-> Stable to high risk adventurous beings
-> a single mass ball of energy to an expanding universe.

So that proves my point , The supreme power puts everything in this universe for a reason.

and that’s you my little diamond. You are Precious.
Find your meaning you being, before its too late (yeah, its never). You are here to make a difference . Don’t listen what your parents/friends are saying . You do what your heart is saying. Leave toxic people, You do what you love and you’ll find more persons who will give you the love you deserve.

You can think you are a bit selfish when you do what you love and not listen to others but hey, You only create more problems when you are unhappy doing what others tell you and that relationship can never survive if you are being controlled by the other person.

Every animal is meant to be free and live on his own terms . Be with a person who respects you for who you are and loves you that way.

Remember there is more than enough for everybody and you can have every damn thing you want.

Yeah , most important , You have a limited time. Please don’t waste it.
Come out of your Comfort zone and take risks.
Don’t be limited because of other people. They don’t let you to do what you love because somebody in their past didn’t let them do what they loved. and they subconsciously think that it is the way the world works .

No problem as the Facebook title says ‘Move fast and Break things’ .
You have nothing to lose as you actually own nothing. Its a trap . Media and the businessman want you to buy their stuff and that’s only why they make you feel that you have less.

You have the potential to make everything you want . You buy water, You buy food but hey no one actually owns that. Its free for everybody. See where the trap is.

But hey why do you do what you do if you don’t love that..
Your brain is hacked. Every single time.
Due to ancient reasons , and evolution (Yeah , Evolution , see evolution proofs that we can even create our DNA and our body to grow , according to our needs ,Then why not circumstances, Believe me it works). we are insecure and scared of things and signs which relate something that happened to our ancestors and killed them , It is carried in our DNA , to think of ghosts in the dark as Hey, To our ancestors that could be a deadly animal in the night and we could be their dinner. So hey body reacts , Here comes the adrenaline rush. and you sweaty and ready to attack . See where it came from .

Yeah the universe is an illusion . There is everything but there is nothing (What? , yes this is tricky to get)

and i have no proof of this but maybe there is a Holographic_principle That tries to prove this.

In the end because of the Secret , Yeah that’s true ,But still no proofs only case studies
You can have everything you want. Just build your thing.


Beyonce - “It’s the soul that needs the surgery.”


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