The world where everyone ‘Loves’ what they do.


It all started when one day, 2 years back . I had everything i ‘thought’ i wanted in life at that point as a student . In 2011, I was a sophomore at Computer Science department in JIIT, Noida , India. I got Straight A’s, Great Friends and I thought to work at a Great Company and have a cool job there. But it wasn’t really as ‘cool’ as i thought it to be . There was missing something I didn’t felt Complete. I was not satisfied with my life. But wait, There comes a Speech by Sir Steve jobs . He said -‘Don’t be trapped by dogma’ and to ‘Follow our heart and intuition as they already know what we really want to do’ .

It was a real Eye opener. I was like many of my friends was trapped in what every other person around wanted me to be. I actually became an engineer because everyone else in my school thought it to be done by the Geniuses and as they said ‘You’ll make loads of money’. Still i realised that it wasn’t the actual thing that i wanted from life.

So I changed something that day. I stopped thinking about my life and stopped listening to what everyone else around me wanted my life to be and just started everyday by listening to my heart and doing what I ‘really’ wanted to do at that moment.

The beginning didn’t looked what i thought it to be. I started losing what i already had and I was actually was a little ‘scared’ . But still the moment was really addictive and i started enjoying every moment of my life. Everyday was a Blessing. But then there came the side effects. I started gaining weight. As in the beginning ,I had nothing to do .I was all alone just searching for what i love to do . But instead i had nothing to do and got depressed and started eating a lot .

After 4 months of this , I picked myself back up . and started programming all day and making stuff . I helped my sister, open her two companies and handled the technical part of the company. It was Heaven .

I finally found that i may have not chosen Engineering in computer science as my career but in the end It was that i discovered to be my love and i learned a bunch of programming languages . Did a lot of hacking . Did loads of Industrial projects .

But in the End, There was missing something. I was there where I thought is the Mindset every leader and game changing entrepreneur should have been once in their life. I didn’t wanted to work for others or Be part of their ‘system’. On the other side i wanted to make my own system - A place where everyone loves what they did and come up with something amazing.

I wanted to change what people thought about jobs as ‘mundane’ like i did. I wanted to create jobs where everyone loved what they are creating and That was my first vision towards Loving what i did and creating a place everyone loved what they did . So Romantic :P.

In the end, My love for food , as it (Food) was there for me when everybody left me then there is the beginning of the end of 2013 . and i am there creating something Beautiful . I with my friends is opening a company Dristo for food lovers . Don’t know how the people will accept it But still i love what i do and I wanted people to enjoy life more and do more of what they love and that is what only matters.

In my next post I will introduce you to Dristo . My first Baby.


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