The richest is the one who believes in the power of Giving

The law of karma states that we just get back what we give to this world.
So everything we have now at this moment is just the result of what we had given to this world and what this world just gave us back.

The Newton’s third law states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction and newton surely had a wonderful life.

So what is it . What is it that makes some people’s life so wonderful. Even if they don’t want so much, they get everything in abundance.

They simply believe in the power of giving .

Just imagine for one moment. Literally paint a picture in your mind. A world where everyone just believes in giving everything they had within them to make the lives of other individuals around them wonderful .They don’t believe in getting rich or famous but they surely can charge some fee for what they do wholeheartedly (This is the way the world works- Law of karma on steroids ;) ). These people will actually get everything they want and i am not talking about money here, i am talking about actual ‘wealth’ and money is just a part of it.

You have to just find what your purpose is in this world. You have to start doing what you love and what you are send here on this planet to be. Its a simple law .

What happens when you do not do what you are sent here to be.

God sends somebody else or as hindu religion states, you are reborn to complete your ‘unfinished’ works. Whatever it is , why not utilize this life to its full potential and give this universal game what it wants and in return get happier each day.

Happiness is just the universe telling you that you are in alignment to what it has send you to be.

So guys ,This universe thing was generous to send you on this planet and literally gift you with a life so why not give something back by loving what you do.

and i may point here that the beginning to this beautiful journey is to start focusing on your life first instead of focusing on how others are making their life beautiful and for worse becoming an obstacle to their path to glory . (I sure had to pin-point this as this somewhat happens in my country) .
Still kids, Its not gonna help .

Just accept your gift beings and do what your heart says and think positive about yourself and others . Accept you are different and special and you have your own gift. Leave these ‘jealousy’ , ‘hatred’ etc. behind and start a new life everyday ,each moment.

Cherish every moment of this beauty called life. This is indeed special and know you have your own gift. You just need to realise it and start giving it to others and affecting others lives with your gift and your life will too be the one you think belongs to only a few lucky beings.

Everyone is Special.

Find your gift. (Hack - Follow your bliss,The dots will connect one day)

Give back something to this world by utilizing your gift.

I am sure you’ll get that butterflies in your stomach every second.

Cherish every moment.

Amen ! Peace!.

Just Focus on your actions , You’ll get the results.

Hope your life gets embraced by love and peace and good health..


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