The disappointed caterpillar thought he could never fly.

One fine day, a beautiful green caterpillar was born it had these bright yellow dots on its back .It looked like as if a green sky has numerous twinkling stars. So Beautiful. He was really happy with his appearance. He loved life to the fullest. But one day, he saw these birds flying really high so high that the small caterpillar wondered what’s present up in the sky . He wondered and wondered and wondered that why he can’t fly?

He prayed to god that god please give me the power of flying too. He prayed and prayed and prayed till the point that he thought dreams don’t come true and forgot about that flying even is possible. He continued with his life with not so happy state. Then one day he got so depressed that he ate so much and went to sleep and when he woke up . He was a butterfly . More beautiful than the birds and he could fly . His all dreams came true.

Motive - Have patience. You are always moving towards where you are destined to be.


Dreams do come true.

How to proceed towards achieving your goals?

Keep in mind your long term goals but focus only on the next step you have to take and that should be the immediate next thing you want to do.

Remember to keep your long term goal flexible. Improve your goals as you learn more as you are moving forward each day.

Remember you don’t know everything right now and you learn something new each day. So should your long term goals. They should also learn and grow with you.

~Ayush Narula


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