Is success that easy?

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When you look deep inside yourself, to the little voice inside of you that is your teacher, your guide, your lover, your friend. It tells you and knows what’s right and what’s wrong for you.

Crazy as it may sound, It has answers to all your problems. Just make yourself patient enough and subside the neighbouring noises, and you’ll listen to god. Yes, God is within each one of us. But, god may or may not be something as a figure, gifted to us by some religions. God is the indivisible particle that creates each one of us. Is it atom, i am talking about? Maybe, Maybe not. But the point is everything is connected and made of the same material fiber.

These topics are a little different to explain and understand as i seriously at this point cannot prove any of this. This is just what my gut, my heart tells me about what the world is made of. The same voice that has the answers to all my questions. The same voice that knows what is that we need. The same voice that steve jobs was talking about in -

‘Learn to trust your gut, destiny, karma, whatever. It somehow already knows, what you really want to become’

I mean creating a company like apple using this thought process, seems to be rewarding. But, I am not asking you, my fellow being to just believe in whatever i am writing here. I am just asking you to just take a chance to listen to your heart, when your life is not the way it is supposed to be right now. If you get the results, Great. If not, Tap yourself on the back, for taking a chance, in a world where people could be too afraid to live a life of their dreams. Its a win-win.

When you’re at the bottom of the staircase and are afraid to fall, you may make a move up and reach the second step, or stand their being afraid. But if you don’t take that one step, you may be stuck there for the rest of your life. But, There is something to learn from ants. Let’s say, an ant is going from point A to point B. A human , as evil as it sounds, tries to diverge the ant from its path, using a stick and the ant is lost from its path now. But, You know what, The ant is too gritty to be affected by obstacles like this.

But why? What does that ant knows, that we human don’t. It knows, that we don’t get this life, with our own intent. Life is just a gift, whether you accept it or not. Let me just be in your face, that you have to live through life, whether
you want to or not. Why not make it special and start make the most of it. I believe maybe we’ll never know, why we are here, but we can surely make this gift worth it. As the giver, who gave us life was generous enough to give us a emotion, called Happiness. Why not exploit on it. The fun part is eating on this emotion on this journey can flip the situation called life for the rest of our life. Beware.

But how, you ask? Let’s say by travelling the world. No? or starting your long yearned dancing career. No? How about loving your life to the fullest. Strange as may sound. But the reality is just a reflection of your inner soul. That’s the truth that nobody may ever tell you. But a truth is a truth. So, Stop expecting things from the people and circumstances from the outside. Instead, Build yourself and your inner soul according to taking directions from your inner voice. See? It is so easy. You have the architect and the building material, both inside your heart. You just need to listen to it and start building your inner soul. I promise you, your outer world will take a flip and construct itself around you.

Its that easy.

So, What chance will you take today?

Is it already time to bring in happiness in your life?

I think this moment is the right moment.

I believe in you fellow human.


May all your dreams come true.



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