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Is success that easy?

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When you look deep inside yourself, to the little voice inside of you that is your teacher, your guide, your lover, your friend. It tells you and knows what’s right and what’s wrong for you.

Crazy as it may sound, It has answers to all your problems. Just make yourself patient enough and subside the neighbouring noises, and you’ll listen to god. Yes, God is within each one of us. But, god may or may not be something as a figure, gifted to us by some religions. God is the indivisible particle that creates each one of us. Is it atom, i am talking about? Maybe, Maybe not. But the point is everything is connected and made of the same material fiber.

These topics are a little different to explain and understand as i seriously at this point cannot prove any of this. This is just what my gut, my heart tells me about what the world is made of. The same voice that has the...

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The disappointed caterpillar thought he could never fly.

One fine day, a beautiful green caterpillar was born it had these bright yellow dots on its back .It looked like as if a green sky has numerous twinkling stars. So Beautiful. He was really happy with his appearance. He loved life to the fullest. But one day, he saw these birds flying really high so high that the small caterpillar wondered what’s present up in the sky . He wondered and wondered and wondered that why he can’t fly?

He prayed to god that god please give me the power of flying too. He prayed and prayed and prayed till the point that he thought dreams don’t come true and forgot about that flying even is possible. He continued with his life with not so happy state. Then one day he got so depressed that he ate so much and went to sleep and when he woke up . He was a butterfly . More beautiful than the birds and he could fly . His all dreams came true.

Motive - Have patience...

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The ultimate goal - What’s my purpose ? Some unanswered questions.

It was quite confusing for me and I was struggling with this question for like forever.
Should i follow my heart and i’ll get all i want from life or do i have to aim for a particular aim that i ‘think’ i want 10-20 years from now. Actually i don’t know how the world will look like in the years to come.

Then why take an engineering or a MBA degree , if nobody actually knows they can enjoy doing this job the rest of their lives. I gave 4 years to this and the only takeaway i have is i utilized these years to find what i want from life. So maybe there should be an organization after school that helps students find their passion by helping them try everything they think they can love. Just a thought . I’ll make it a reality if nobody else did. (Goes on my todo list).

The human race gets happiness in having freedom to do what they want to do with their full heart. The inner...

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The richest is the one who believes in the power of Giving

The law of karma states that we just get back what we give to this world.
So everything we have now at this moment is just the result of what we had given to this world and what this world just gave us back.

The Newton’s third law states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction and newton surely had a wonderful life.

So what is it . What is it that makes some people’s life so wonderful. Even if they don’t want so much, they get everything in abundance.

They simply believe in the power of giving .

Just imagine for one moment. Literally paint a picture in your mind. A world where everyone just believes in giving everything they had within them to make the lives of other individuals around them wonderful .They don’t believe in getting rich or famous but they surely can charge some fee for what they do wholeheartedly (This is the way the world works- Law of karma...

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There are no Flaws, only differences

Everyone in this world is perfect.
Every girl is beautiful.
Every man is handsome.

There are only differences, and no flaws

You have to have confidence in what you are and what you do and the world just accepts you and loves you.

You have to follow your dreams (Hack : Nourish your inner child each day )

Everybody on this planet is put for a reason .

You are here for a reason
Proof : Check the nature’s cycle, Every drop of water is for a reason , as everything is in balance , Everything is in cycle. There is enough water for everybody. If man hadn’t created money and differences (but it was meant to be) , everybody ( including animals, don’t forget ) on this planet would had enough water, enough energy , good food.

Everything is in balance and we are all moving towards a high energy state and chaos . Why ?
Because of Second law of Thermodynamics
. and that is ?
Everything in this...

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The world where everyone ‘Loves’ what they do.


It all started when one day, 2 years back . I had everything i ‘thought’ i wanted in life at that point as a student . In 2011, I was a sophomore at Computer Science department in JIIT, Noida , India. I got Straight A’s, Great Friends and I thought to work at a Great Company and have a cool job there. But it wasn’t really as ‘cool’ as i thought it to be . There was missing something I didn’t felt Complete. I was not satisfied with my life. But wait, There comes a Speech by Sir Steve jobs . He said -‘Don’t be trapped by dogma’ and to ‘Follow our heart and intuition as they already know what we really want to do’ .

It was a real Eye opener. I was like many of my friends was trapped in what every other person around wanted me to be. I actually became an engineer because everyone else in my school thought it to be done by the Geniuses and as they said ‘You’ll make loads of money’. Still...

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